How to run the Loklak server on Heroku using ToolbeltΒΆ

  1. Create a Heroku account
  2. Download the Heroku toolbelt
  3. Login with heroku: heroku login
  4. Clone the Loklak server (if not already) : git clone
  5. Move into the cloned repository: cd loklak_server
  6. Create a heroku app: heroku create
  7. Set the buildpack: heroku buildpacks:set
  8. Push your app to heroku: git push heroku master In case if it doesn’t get pushed, use git push heroku HEAD:master
  9. Confirm the loklak server is running: heroku logs --tail
  10. Sometimes the server may take a while to start. The logs would show State changed from starting to up when the server is ready.
  11. Open the URL of your server in your browser: heroku open.